World Emoji Day: Express Yourself

It’s World Emoji Day! (If you had any doubts, check the calendar >>📅.) To celebrate the most💃 🍾 💪 🙌 😍 👑 🎉 holiday of 2017, The Gramlist snuck into the cell phones of the social media savvy, from influencers to brand reps, to see how they communicate when words just won’t cut it.

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Billie Edington, Digital and Social Senior Manager at Soho House
Followers: 250,918


Iliza, Late-night Talk Show Host and Comedian


Dara Segal, Founder of Simply Framed
Followers: 17,033


What I’m Holding, An online photo-driven destination

Followers: 30,710


Boom Dash Kids, The one-stop kids shopping destination
Followers: 2,670


Mick Batyske, DJ, Style Influencer and Digital Entrepreneur
Followers: 37,129


Ashley Weston, Celebrity Menswear Stylist

Followers: 16,575


Lucy Lyle, CEO and Founder of PERCH
Followers: 2,223


Samantha Fehrer, Instagrammer and Dancer
Followers: 37,193


Jilly Hendrix, Writer and Personality
Followers: 52,241


Jude Al-Khalil, Founder and CEO of BIKYNI

Followers: 12,748


Stacie Brockman, Co-Founder Métier Creative
Followers: 83,400


Lily Huber, Talent Manager POPSUGAR
Followers: 105,213


Samantha Moray, PR Manager at Hermès

Followers: 6,140


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