Venture Capitalists of Instagram

For being a near-requirement these days, Instagram is still not really where VCs are hanging out. Can they be blamed? Safe to say their hands are full with more pressing matters. (Does this mean we’ve found an industry where a low Instagram follower count might be a good thing?)

When they are feeling social, they’re more apt to hold forth on Twitter, as is true for the tech world at large. If an investor is on Instagram, they often fall into two camps: new-age punch or endearingly old-school. There are striations, of course, and we’re here to tell those stories.  Here, a round-up of our most favorite VC personalities.

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The “I Have a Powerful and Expensive Cohort” VC
Followers: 3,222

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The “You’d Never Know I Was a VC” VC
Followers: 56.2k

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The “I’m Actually Really Funny on Weekends” VC
Followers: 6,154

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The “Undeveloped, Sweeping Vistas Inspire Me” VC
Firm: BizRupt
Followers: 60.8k

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The “I’m Still in College but Spoke at TED” VC
Firm: JB Fitzgerald Venture Capital
Followers: 8,816

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The “I’m A Family Man at Heart, but Super-Real on Twitter*” VC

*This is true for most of the Sequoia crew, including Alfred Lin and Bryan Schreier, who keep their Instagrams pretty mysterious.

Followers: 224

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The “I’m Lowkey a Legend (and also pretty real on Twitter)” VC
Firm: Hearsay Systems
Followers: 758


The “I’m Busy” VC

Firm: Tusk Ventures

Followers: 18


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