Twin Studies: Real Life Geminis

TGIF, for real. Another reason to excite? Over the coming weekend, we enter the cycle of Gemini (May 21 through June 20, to be exact). Ruling over communication and the exchange of creative energy, the third sign in the zodiac calendar is represented by dual pillars: the twins.

To celebrate the season, we’ve found actual pairs of twins on Instagram hailing from around the globe. They may not all be born under their namesake constellation, but each pairing represents two sides of the same coin—or split cell. Using their unique bonds, they work together to bring shared experience to their feed footage, and it’s fascinating.

Take a look at these rising dual stars and how they gram. Remember, sharing is caring.

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Uta and Rita, the smallest members of our twin roundup. Dad may run this feed, but the girls look like they’re running the show.

Location: Japan

Followers: 17,839

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The account/blog name is self explanatory, twin sisters Claire and Laura hop to different locales, while we watch.

Location: United Kingdom

Followers: 57, 071

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Tessa and Julia Johnson divided their time between studying law and tax at UCT and playing Indie Finger pop with band Al Bairre. Sadly the band has played it’s last show, but the twins’ antics can still be followed via insta.

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Followers: 3,452

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Salma and Samira are a pair of Boston dwellers who recently completed their studies in architecture and graphic design. We mean recent, like a few days ago.

Location: Boston, MA

Followers: 14,567

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Whether venturing around France or jaunting to Dublin or Morocco, twins Sixtine and Victoria are fashionable jetsetters.

Location: Paris, France

Followers: 4,507

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From Belfast, brothers Alan and Gary Keery founded Cereal Killer Cafe in London. The twins have faced controversy regarding their shop and their sexuality, but they stand up for their beliefs, and their cereal, publicly.

Location: East London

Followers:  19,773

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Originally working at agencies managing social media for other brands, twins Jordan and Loanne decided to dedicate themselves to their own personal venture. The two launched their blog and also continue to DJ with stylish accessories in tow.

Location: London

Followers: 35,631

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Twin sisters Amber and Kerisa moved from British Columbia, Canada to LA to work on their artistic pursuits as plasma-cut metal workers. Their work, dreamy patterns and hangings, are no surprise, the two are are incredibly in sync with the cosmos and one another.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Followers: 4,853


With the companion tandem bike from Raleigh, you don’t need to be a twin to work in sync.