2017 Tribeca Film Festival Focus

The Tribeca film festival, currently in it’s sixteenth run, brings new talent to the forefront of the industry each year. We’ve narrowed our lens even further, looking into the casts of some of the season’s top films and pilot episodes. Read on for the up and comers from 2017’s festival hits on Instagram.

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Jaylin Fletcher plays younger brother to breakout star of “Saturday Church”Luka Kain. The two share onscreen mother, Margot Bingham and Aunt, Regina Taylor.

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Known for her roles on Parenthood and making a rom-com script she wrote at 12 years old into an actual series. Sarah Ramos appears alongside Zosia Mamet and Matthew Shear in The Boy Downstairs.

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Pictured, the DFC, or Dahmer Fan Club cast members starring in “My Friend Dahmer” based on the graphic novel by Derf Backderf, serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer’s actual childhood friend. First on the left, Harrison Holzer, or Harry in his unofficial insta account, followed by Disney Channel star Ross Lynch playing Dahmer, Alex Wolff playing Derf, and Tommy Nelson playing Neil.

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Eugene Simon, who you might know better as Lancel Lannister, takes a turn as Albert Einstein’s son Eduard, playing opposite Geoffrey Rush in National Geographic’s mini series,“Genius”.

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Breakout Joey Morgan plays unstable stepbrother Luke to Zoey Deutsch’s troubled teen Erica. Unfortunately, for fans @misterwinkler, the film’s director, keeps his insta private.

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