Snapchat’s Coolest Moms


Given all the chaos that comes with being a mom, it’s a wonder there’s time to get dressed, much less make motherhood look stylish. And yet, these five moms—social meteorites even before Snapchat came along—are giving real glimpses into their lives: the good (outfits), the bad (nights of sleep) and everything in between (baby food, anyone?).

Here are the moms whose stories you need to follow on everyone’s favorite app of the moment.

**PRO TIP: on your mobile phone, save the snapcode to your library by holding down on the image and saving it. Then, add it into Snapchat for easy finding and following. 

Follow @evachen212

At this point, Eva needs no introduction, so instead of explaining what we all know (she’s that rare mix of genuine sweetness plus shrewd expertise about all things style, with the designer pals to boot), we’ll just say this: her Snap Story is absolutely as good as her other feeds—funny captions, selfies with her baby (whose birth she announced with a snap, no less) and a healthy dose of modesty.

Snapchat handle: theevachen212

Instagram followers: 514k

Location: New York, NY

Follow @gibsontuttle

Sarah Gibson Tuttle wins in the Most Frequent Updates department—she snaps every part of her day with seemingly zero hesitation, so you see everything from the new almond milk recipe she’s trying to behind-the-scenes operations at Olive and June, the airy, Instagrammable nail salon she opened in LA (with savings from a life on Wall Street—CNBC profiled her here). Girl’s got street cred.

Snapchat handle: gibsontuttle

Instagram followers: 3,309

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Follow @rachkincaid

Rachael Kincaid is a blogger, nurse, and mom of 3, and on her personal blog, she promises to take you to lunch if you’re ever in her neck of the woods. That’s the type of carefree openness that straight-up emanates from her Snap Story and that unfussy immediately is why she sometimes prefers snapping to ‘gramming. Her grams, however,  showcase her fit-mom-in-leopard-print-boots style and her kids’ adorable closeness, but in Snapland, she gets to loosen up.

Snapchat handle: rachkincaid

Instagram followers: 9,632

Location: Charlotte, NC

Follow @sariazoutbaka

Nothing like a to-the-point social media bio. Sari’s reads: “I’m obsessed with the Internet and getting shit done.” The entrepreneur offers VERY real talk on starting (and leaving) companies, traveling with her little one (she’s currently in Aspen) and staying sane and stylish through it all. (Get to know more about her no-bs take on work here).

Snapchat handle: sariazoutbaka

Instagram followers: 1,170

Location: Miami, FL

Follow @taza

If urban motherhood—happy urban motherhood—feels like an elusive thing, follow Naomi. The lifestyle blogger and consultant developed her honest-but-still-stylish vibes documenting her family of 5 on Insta, but proof that it’s real? Her story, which is full of the same French ingenue style, laughing toddlers and rushed urban living, without ANY of the filters.

Snapchat handle: love.taza

Instagram followers: 378k

Location: New York, NY