New Season Resolution: Setting Summer Intentions

The key to making time last longer is to try something new. Why do years seem to fly by as we get older? Because—says neuroscientist David Eagleman, Stanford professor and author of The Brain: The Story of You—as kids, everything is a first time. Novelty and a sense of wonder equal things lasting longer. (S/O to NY Mag’s The Science of Us for that.)

What better time to intentionally prolong, then, than a summer that’s just beginning? We set New Year’s Resolutions—maybe we should be setting summer ones, too.

Here, we take cues from five creatives rich in inspiration and wonder.

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Get waterproof camera housing. Play an instrument.

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Physically do something way outside of your comfort zone.

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Seek out something to shake up your world. (Musician Vivek Shraya’s new music will likely do just that.)

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Spend one entire day outside.

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Start and finish something you’ve been meaning to do. (Curator Matylda Krzykowski has rounded out her series at Chamber Gallery with commissioned, limited-edition designs created exclusively by women.)

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Try a mini-farm: Smallhold grows produce three-fourths of the way at their HQ, delivers it to local vertical farms, then to you.