Introducing The Snaplist – Fashion Editors of Snapchat

While Snapchat doesn’t quite offer the visual feast that is Instagram, it certainly brings us the splendor of the here and now. Snap enthusiasts delight in real-time posts that hit the funny bone. “Stories” string together our lives in 24 hour periods, and then, POOF, disappear like a hangover you couldn’t wait to forget. You probably already follow your best friend, your ex, and maybe even Justin Bieber — but how do you uncover the best Snapchatters who are telling the sauciest stories?

That’s where we come in. Consider SNAPLIST your personal tipster, we deep dive into Snapland to uncover and share the next wave of influence on this platform.

Let’s start with a crowd pleaser: fashion, and the magic minds that make it into news. So, without further ado, here are five stylish & snappy editors to follow right now.

**PRO TIP: on your mobile phone, save the snapcode to your library by holding down on the image and saving it. Then, add it into Snapchat for easy finding and following. 

Follow @kerrybazaar on Instagram

It seems like Kerry (Snapchat name: kerrybazaar) has written for every legitimate outlet, though she’s now the Fashion and Features Director for Her job is to tell us who and what’s important, right now, in the world of style, and she’s also doing that with her snaps: her love of quiet colors, platform shoes and her off-duty hobbies (like Un Reveur her personal art blog).

Snapchat name: kerrybazaar

Instagram followers: 33,200

Publication: Harper’s Bazaar

Follow @ayatkanai on Instagram

How Aya finds time to sleep, we’ll never know. The Executive Fashion Director at Cosmo and Seventeen is also a judge on Project Runway Junior plus she’s regularly tapped for her styling skills by both big brands and celebrities. Even though she’s a bonafide insider, you’ll get glimpses into life on set, warm-and-fuzzy moments with her editorial teams and even unexpected and nostalgic moments (her old collection of Beverly Cleary books made a recent appearance).

Snapchat name: ayakani

Instagram followers: 7,989

Publications: Seventeen, Cosmo, Project Runway

Follow @theagg on Instagram

She goes by AGG, but the acronym “OG” is just as fitting: Annie Georgia Greenberg has been at Refinery29 since forever and she’s pioneered and shaped the site’s style videos. Recently, she’s been sought out for segments on The Today Show and Wendy Williams, but on the small screen (you know, your phone), she’s giving glimpses backstage at fashion shows, red carpets at exclusive events and, of course, heavy doses of her unabashedly girly style.

Snapchat name: agg3653

Instagram followers: 19,903

Publication: Refinery29



Follow @edwardbarsamian on Instagram

When Vogue set out to expand its digital fashion coverage, they smartly poached Edward from T: The New York Times Style Magazine. It could be because of his ability to get comfy with and befriend all sorts of celebs (Olivia Palermo, Vera Wang, Kim Kardashian…) or his I’m-An-Editor style (see: outrageous collection of it-bags). Either way, his quippy pieces are always entertaining, and thanks to his party covering duties, his snaps are nearly constant.

Snapchat name: edwardbarsamian

Instagram followers: 5,159

Publication: Vogue

Follow @seoulcialite on Instagram

This April, David was Mashable’s first-ever dedicated fashion hire (he talked about launching the site’s fashion vertical in an interview here). His no-shame, don’t-mince-words approach to his social feeds is why we love him: he’s just as likely to snap a topless “dad bod” selfie as he is a bold, bright #menswear look that he’s known for.

Snapchat name: bordishki

Instagram followers: 6,850

Publication: Mashable