Retire Early: 5 Financial Experts


Financial advice shouldn’t be a luxury, but that’s how it’s often perceived—you don’t need an advisor ’til you have a lot to manage. But let’s say the reverse is true: when you’re building your future, that’s when you need guidance the most. It’s also when seductive mistakes can do the most damage (can credit card vultures stop setting up booths on college campuses already?). Here are some reasons to get a grip on your finances:

You can’t not.

Wanna retire someday? Read this.

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Nicole’s motormouthy 12-step guide is arranged in chronological fashion to emphasize incremental progress building good habits over a whiplash overhaul that won’t stick. As a guest on Lo Bosworth’s podcast Lady Lovin (episode 42), she’s half everygirl half guru and entirely someone you don’t mind telling you to cut the shit and start saving.

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“How is it possible that this topic [of money] is so vital to my life, but I truly didn’t know where to go or where to get unbiased advice?” That question led Alexa von Tobel to launch a company aimed at making personal financial advice as readily available as a SoulCycle class. Since then, LearnVest has become as cult-beloved, too, with big-time investors behind it. Alexa’s joined the ranks of living-well gurus herself, with a Sirius show and a Times best-seller.

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Most interested in getting rich after getting stable, Priya Malani, founder of STASH, identified a group they call the HENRYs—High Earners, Not Rich Yets—and caters to their taste with guidance on investment vehicles like tax breaks and savings.

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Cary Carbonaro’s focus on retirement savings makes her a sought-after frequent guest on the morning shows and magazines for women of a certain age (Teen Vogue, the sort).

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Ramit Sethi is mean, mocking and very good at direct financial rules and tweaks. He’s been called aggressive, more of a branding mastermind than a financial whiz—his URL and book share the title, I Will Teach You How To Be Rich —but he continues to help people change their lives.

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