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Musicians tend to follow one of two trajectories: instant overnight breakout bananas immediate notoriety, or slow-burn supernova-rising fame. So though it’s fair to call these acts new, that’s only part of the sentence: new to us, new to Spotify playlists, new to people who don’t check indie music blogs each day. Thank you, Spotify Discover, for infusing our week with these dreamy, slightly introverted, perfect-for-work musical talents.

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His thing: Alex Cameron, master of bleary synth-pop, is finally performing as himself, albeit many versions that. For each song, he creates an artistic persona, all of which embody outlier, “table-for-one,” lounge singer/salesman types, in his words. With this new album and global tour, though, he’s literally removed the mask, no longer wearing the prosthetic wrinkles he applied. Still has the out-of-touch hyperbolic dance moves, though.

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Listen to: “Take Care of Business

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Their thing: Perched on the brink of a glittery glitz-pop breakthrough. Siblings Armory and Eleanor are the faces of Girl Friend, a proper quartet making the type of music you’d want to score a montage of a house party you planned to skip and ended up attending, which, thankfully, devolves into a slow-motion after-hours bacchanal. .

Mood-setting lyric:”We’re alone, so hold me in your arms / don’t you ever stop.”

Listen to: Everything Nice

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His thing: Romance, ennui, a voice like a cashmere blanket, and melodies that drift and bob up and down. It’s easy listening and great for a party of introverts—unless you listen to his lyrics, which sometimes border on a bit too real. Mood-setting lyric: “Is it true that you once had a heart?”

Listen to: “Everything Nice,” his cover of Popcaan

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Her thing: Morgan Kibby is moving through her early 20s, but she took all the angst and cinematic wistfulness of her teens with her. If the music of White Sea, her solo act after touring with M83, feels touched with hyperbole, it is: Morgan has a background in theater, which makes her wrenching lyrics and powerful voice a great match.

Further reading: Rolling Stone’s profile

Listen to: “Stay Young, Get Stoned

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Their thing: Party sax meets sun-soaked surf rock meets Texas percussion. The two front men have been kicking around the scene for a few years but are getting some widespread attention thanks to indie music sites and Spotify’s Discover.

Listen to: California

Location: Austin, TX

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