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The truly modern man is always in some state of motion. (Even in his dreams, he’s likely scaling Rainier or carving up Reykjavík’s moto-friendly roads.) It’s more important than ever that his wardrobe be ready for anything. It’s no longer functional for “work clothes” and “weekend clothes” and “go hit on people” clothes to be too separate. Lines are blurred, because less time getting dressed = more time enjoying TF out of whatever you’re doing. Shouldn’t everything you put on be, well, “active apparel” at some level? Olivers says yes. The L.A.-based menswear brand designs streamlined gear you can wear all day long without having to change. We asked Olivers’ team who they follow on Instagram. Get moving.

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Says Team Olivers:

We’re a men’s athletic apparel brand based in Los Angeles. We create classic athletic essentials for a modern context. These aren’t your old gym shorts or that raggedy college hoody. Our essentials are designed thoughtfully and built with the best-in-class materials. We believe that when you’ve got the right stuff on, you’re ready to experience life’s adventures, making the most of your days, wherever they take you.

We want to design for any type of adventure, so we use Instagram to keep up with it all. The accounts we follow get us up in the morning, keep us inspired to live our best lives, and challenge us to be better. But then some of them are just guys we’d like to have a beer with. Get to know them.

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When we’d rather be riding our bikes

Chris Riekert is on both sides of the bike world: He’s a racer himself but also does marketing for the brand Specialized. His feed is full of drool-worthy bikes, fast races, and beautiful rides.

Location: San Francisco, CA

Followers: 16.7k

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When we want to go for a run

Dean Karnazes may be the best endurance athlete on Earth. He has run 350 continuous miles, across Death Valley, to the South Pole, and most recently, 50 marathons in 50 states over 50 days.

Location: San Francisco, CA

Followers: 30.3k

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When we need a little Aussie influence

These two personal trainers know how to make sharing fitness and nutrition tips look very good. Each image is beautifully captured, whether it’s a breakfast bowl, demonstrating a great stretch, unboxing new gear, or flexing their crazy muscles.

Location: Sydney, Australia

Followers: 629k

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When it’s Sunday

JJ Watt, defensive end for NFL team the Houston Texans, brings an explosive energy to the line on game day and Instagram.

Location: Houston, TX

Followers: 2.3m

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When we’re getting ready for the Workout of the Day

@richfroning has been crowned the Fittest Man on Earth four times at the CrossFit Games, and knows how to lead by example.

Location: Cookeville, TN

Followers: 814k

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When we want to get high

Alex is one of the most talented climbers in the world and does a great job sharing his latest exploits with the nearly half a million people who follow him.

Location: Sacramento, CA

Followers: 403k

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When we’re looking for a new toy

@GearPatrol does a great job finding all the things we want to need, from cars to clothes to spaces and laces.

Location: New York, NY

Followers: 57.9k

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When we need to cure wanderlust from our desks

Chris’s epic adventure photography is better than anyone else’s in the game. Each photo inspires a “How did he manage to capture that?” sense of wonder.

Location: Grover Beach, CA

Followers: 1.9m

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When it’s training day

Joe Holder is one of NYC’s top trainers, dedicated to helping clients and followers achieve one very simple goal: reach 10% body fat.

Location: New York, NY

Followers: 14.1k

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When we want a new perspective on sport

Victory Journal is doing sports culture writing totally differently. It doesn’t care much for scores or statistics or the fast-paced churn of blogging. Instead, the magazine celebrates long-form sports stories in print. On Instagram, it does a great job celebrating the culture of sport in quick, easy-to-digest posts and captions.

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Followers: 17.2k

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When we want to see what’s happening outside of work

Dylan is our brand director here at Olivers, and he’s usually getting in over his head. For example, riding the elevation of Everest (29K ft) on his bicycle.

Location: Downtown LA, CA

Followers: 9,693

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When we’re looking for the next cool thing

John Philip Thompson III gives us a unique view of Chicago life and his travels as a professional photographer and Risky Jackal.

Location: Chicago, IL

Followers: 52.9k

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When we want to switch to landscape

Last year Ryan Wilson left his job in Los Angeles to pursue his passion for landscape photography. He now spends his time backpacking and biking in the middle-of-nowhere Peru.

Location: Wandering

Followers: 12k

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When we want to laugh

Here’s the definition of a jerry: an individual who exhibits a true lack of understanding of their sport. As it turns out, this is usually hilarious.

Location: All over the world

Followers: 610k

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When we want to go fast

Larry Chen edits the Speed Hunters, one of the best motorsport and car blogs in existence.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Followers: 129k



The “21st century gym short” from OLIVERS has pockets and is still slim fitting and streamlined.