Nice Jewish Boys to Invite to Your Seder

Last year, we discovered Tablet Magazine, a Jewish magazine covering all aspects of the modern Judaic experience, and it has, along with it, a host of very funny, just-right-of-PC podcasts. We mention this, of course, because Passover begins this evening.

Whether one is Jewish and preparing a seder, Jewish-adjacent and attending, or simply loves wonderful auditory theater, we think everyone should listen tonight to King of the Egg Cream, a romp of a story in which Harry Dolowich rises from very little to control the egg cream syrup market in the city in the 1920s, the format itself—a radio play—also drawing from the era in which it’s set.

Now that we’ve set a stage for an imaginary seder, we must seat the table. Who joins us tonight? These eight wonderful men. Here, their place cards. (And in case you want more, here’s our very-first Nice Jewish Boys list.)

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Invite Aubrey Graham for: his serenades and after enough grape juice, beg him to phone up any of the other Jewish musical artists for a digital duet. Bruno Mars may attend in spirit and voice.

Job: Drake

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Invite Michael Rothman for: his Oprah story, and great parenting advice—he’s the co-founder and CEO of Fatherly, a parenting site with actually useful and chill advice.

Job: CEO of Fatherly

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Invite Zach Houghton for: incredible photos and maybe a Manischewitz-fueled portrait session. The travel photographer of @passpionpassport credits his mother (aw) and her wanderlust with igniting his interest.

Job: Founder of Passion Passport

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Invite Deevee Kashi for: volunteer ideas. When the conversation inevitably turns political, Deevee can offer some volunteer ideas via his app goDEED which has unique opportunities way beyond the expected.

Job: CEO & Co-Founder @go.DEED

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Invite Dean Sheremet for: a healthy menu. Author, chef, fitness coach—triple threat.

Job: Chef

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Invite Zach Suchin for: generally really great energy, and solid web advice. Everyone needs a personal brand. Luckily, you’ll have an industry CEO at the table.

Job: CEO of Brand Knew

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Invite Jason Perlman for: thrilling conversation; he creates short and longform content at AwesomenessTV.

Job: Director, Writer, Producer at AwesomenessTV

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Invite Brett Hyman for: excellent travel suggestions. 

Job: President at NVE Experience

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Start a new tradition with Jonathan Safran Foer’s edits in The New American Haggadah, hailed by The New Yorker as the Haggadah for the Internet age.