New Moms With Incredible Style


Right this minute there are more expectant mamas than at any other time of year. That’s because the most popular birthday in America is September 16, so women all across the country are getting ready to welcome little ones into the world. It’s easy to guess why—just rewind eight months ago to freezing, cabin fever–inducing February, when sometimes nothing sounds better than some indoor sports, you know?

When babies show up, a mom’s personal style understandably takes a backseat. Still, it is possible to continue dress and feel like yourself. Here, we look at five moms with consistently impeccable and very “them” style. Because you have to pass on more than good genes, right?

Oh, and, here’s a distant aside, but LOL to @morninggloria’s motherhood tweet this morning.

All right. Let’s get dressed.

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Remember Anne Geddes, the renowned baby photographer known for posing newborns amid pastel-hued flowers? Suzy Holman is the cooler, chiller, more Kinfolk mag-y version of her. That lived-in vibe extends to her own personal style: felt fedoras, suede ankle boots, loads of denim. Everything feels easy.

Location: Denver, CO

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Film producer and director Amanda Tyler doesn’t shy away from the overshare. It’s almost bucking against the polished highlight-reel sensibility that Instagram’s so right for—she balances out those gorgeous filtered snaps with some real-talk captions. Two weeks ago, this. She travels back and forth to see family in France, and it shows in her style: hemlines-to-there, swingy dresses, mysterious-lady hats, and nudity. Skin counts as style, right?

Location: Oakland & Los Angeles, CA

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The elegance here is just unreal, but not untouchable. It’s warm; it’s open. Every aspect of Erika’s life has been touched by her signature blend of wit, hip-hop influence, and a glamorous utter lack of pretension.

Location: New York, NY

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Neram, curly-haired German goddess¬–type, has the ease of someone who practices transcendental meditation twice a day. And maybe she does, but the point is: She seems to take life in stride. She started her blog, Little Bird’s Mama, because she had trouble navigating the “jungle of products, insights, and advice” for new moms. She seems to have carved her own path, and it’s one to walk in market-find prints, turbans and head wraps, loose linens, and Earth-Mama-on-holiday vibes. (She’s about to move to Panama.)

Location: Amsterdam

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This list is not complete without Courtney Klein, a professionally well-dressed mama-to-be. Well, she’s now a mom to two, but once upon a time, she started a fashion company called Storq, four essential pieces for pregnancy, nursing, and beyond. She’s one of the best around, and has been profiled accordingly—check out Mother mag’s interview. She dresses in accordance with Storq’s simple mission: just the basics. Solid natural fabrics, a blazer to polish things up, and bed head to top it all off. (She’s recently platinum blonde, and can we say, yes.)

Location: San Francisco, CA

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