Florals for Spring-Groundbreaking

Every so often we come across an Instagram feed that we cannot stop scrolling through. We are bringing you a weekly roundup of the feeds that stop us in our tracks, capture the news via imagery or strike our fancy. In other words: must-see weekend feeds.

This week, Spring, it’s sprung. The snow may still be melting but efflorescence will be overtaking flowerbeds soon enough. Are florals tired for this season? Maybe, according to a certain devil wearing Prada but these artists and designers who work in blooms, are anything but. Check out their unique takes on classic blossoms.

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Michele Bisaillon’s feed is quite literally a reflection on the female form and surrealist imagery, she uses mirrors to widen the scope of view, capturing multiple perspectives in every shot. Cat Peaches is a willing and frequent subject.

Occupation: Artist

Location: Silicon Valley, CA

Followers: 84k

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Portraitist Thani Mara creates hyperrealistic images of groovy 70s party people and florals with edge. Scrolling through her highly curated feed, Mara, even as artist, becomes part of the art.

Occupation: Artist

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Followers: 96.4k

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Ashlyn Coco, along with partner Tara Misioux runs The Pink Collar Life, providing accessible and affordable regalia for the old Hollywood glamour obsessed. A true flower child Coco adds a dash of the 60’s to her pin up girl aesthetic.

Occupation: Pinup Artist & Entrepreneur

Location: California

Followers: 61.5k

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Megan Cignoli went from freelance photographer to Vine star to founder of creative production agency Visual Country. Her short stop motion films are sought after by brands including Converse, Starbucks and Clinique.

Occupation: Founder & Creative Director

Location: New York, NY

Followers: 106k

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As a former physicist rocket scientist, Rochelle Greayer is not your garden variety gardener. As the author of Cultivating Garden Style, publisher at PITH + VIGOR Magazine and award winning designer, she looks to inspire “people with dirt under their nails.”

Occupation: Author, Publisher & Designer

Location: Notting Hill

Followers: 59.4k


Graffiti inspired florals? Check. Round out your seasonal wardrobe with Coach’s Spring 2017 line and this camo rose patterned varsity jacket.