March Matchness: Stylish People + Stylish Books

What you wear, read, surround yourself with: style, all of it. To play around with that aesthetic link between closet and life, we picked five women with sensibility to spare and paired them with five equally self-presenting new books.

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Listen to the New York-born jazz and blues singer and songwriter. Her smoky vocals run perfectly parallel with her of-another-era style—excellent companions for the essays in The Correspondence, tight, snappy prose with a darkly funny edge.

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Does Milk’s social manager Bianca Valle play basketball in heels and, on occasion, look like a ’90s hip hop star? Is Elif Batuman’s tragic freshman-year-Ivy-League novel equally as unexpected yet of its time (thanks to a #tumblrpink cover)? Yes, yes, and yes.

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Kayten Schmidt’s quiet and lovely art—photography, mostly—has a slightly transportive, fabulist twist to it. How she knew dipping a manicured hand into a glass of water would feel so weirdly elegant? Unsure. But that same inquisitive poking underscores Exit West, the book that seemingly everyone is reading.

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For the architecturally influenced wardrobe of Janet Tseng, the fashion director of Taipei boutique Maison Noir, we offer an introduction to another strong woman with a singular commitment to material and form: artist Eva Hesse.

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Loo Nascimento and the artist Georgia O’Keeffe may run with different aesthetics, but they seem to share a belief that one style can link many expressions: what one wears might play into what one makes, whether that’s on a canvas or with a camera. Or in the kitchen: an artful tribute to O’Keeffe’s favorite dinner recipes came out this week.

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