The Highs and Lows of Instagramming About Weed

For most, smoking weed’s a dirty secret. It’s a joint busted out with coffee and dessert at a dinner party, and the table erupts into shrugs and giggles. It’s the main ingredient at word-of-mouth-only underground pop-up supper series in Boston and New York.

It’s the subject of a legalization war that wages. It’s also the celebratory highlight tomorrow, 4/20. In honor, let’s examine the highs and lows of being weed-focused in such a public place as Instagram.

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High: Starting your own business. Vanessa Lavorato’s cannabis appreciation turned into Marigold Sweets, a marijuana-laced confectioner sold online.

Low: The typical weed-loving gal archetype is more Burning Man than Bon Appetit—which actually is a high for Vanessa, whose high-art aesthetic and wit only makes her seem smarter and more relatable.

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High: Think about the term itself: head shop. A store peddling all things heady. From a weed perspective, of course, that refers to a mental high. But what Jennifer of Grey Horse, a curated nook in Brooklyn, has done so well is appeal to all the senses that percolate in the frontal lobe: the cool hand-touch of a ceramic one-hitter, or a pyramid-shaped pipe that can sit on a mantle purely as a design piece.

Low: When someone is so tied to their brand’s Instagram feed, as Jennifer is, we might be missing out on different aspects of her personality—and we want more.

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High: Since 2012, Some Girls Get High has given an online home to the female pot smoking collective that appreciate an elevated marijuana experience. Early to the legalization party, too.

Low: Even still, people tend be private about their pot habits. SGGH is dispelling the taboo with events like this.

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High: His strong stance makes him even more trustworthy. A recent tweet: “Everyone against weed is on the wrong side of history.” It makes for an incredible on-screen presence, too. Check him out on #BongAppetit.

Low: When weed is your business, and the reason you’re on Larry Willmore, for example, are you high literally…all the time?

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High: At waterfalls. On airplanes. On a swan pool float. Roadtripping. Eating donuts. Catching butterflies. These are just some of the places and activities that, for Makena, involve taking her self-described “goddess rips” of weed. She doesn’t separate her stoner self from who she is.

Low: No website, no problem. She must’ve inherited her photographer father’s appreciation for telling stories through visuals alone.

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Millennial pink rolling papers from Grey Horse, the Internet’s most design-minded headshop.