Power Insta-Couples

If there’s one universal truth of couples, it might be that no two are exactly like. And since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, we’re sharing a few of our favorite pairs and the unique way they do it up Instagram style.

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A photo posted by Miles Garber (@milesgarber) on

@milesgarber and @itsrainsford

Miles Garber, model and member of band Swimsuit Issue, and actor and singer Rainey Qualley might not have met at Coachella (as their charming Teen Vogue video suggests), but music and art are certainly shared interests. Vintage t-shirts and a sense of humor.

Location: New York, NY

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A photo posted by Lisa Przystup (@brass__tacks) on

@brass__tacks and @thebonesofjrjones

A writer and fashion-favorite florist. A musician with upstate New York roots. It’s a match made in…Greenpoint, where Lisa Przystup and Jonathan Linaberry live and work with an enviable sense of chill.

Location: Brooklyn, NY

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A photo posted by Arielle Noa Charnas (@somethingnavy) on

@somethingnavy and @bcharnas

There’s a real sense of growing up together, when a blogger shares as much as Arielle Noa Charnas does. She documented all her milestones—boyfriend, wedding, baby girl, house hunting—on her blog and feed. Whether or not the public displays are for you, it hardly seems shortsighted, at least from a #personalbrand perspective.

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A photo posted by Justin & Nick (@justinickpgh) on


The ultimate in commitment: creating a shared feed (and with it, a permanent archive. The Internet is forever, they say.)

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A photo posted by Phillip Picardi (@pfpicardi) on

@pfpicardi and @darienmalcolm

Some say opposites attract. Others say like attracts like. We say driven excellent people find each other, and we thank Phil Picardi, the digital editorial director of Teen Vogue, and Darien Sutton, emergency medicine resident and ABCNEWS medical contributor, for substantiating that. Professional heavyweight CVs aside, their genuinely happy posts make us smile, as does another couple that Phil’s long been a part of: his well-documented partnership with Elaine Welteroth, Teen Vogue’s EIC.

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