The Graphic Designers Behind Your Favorite Brands


Graphic design may be one of the most mystifying professions right now. There are virtually no creative limitations: Other forms of design—fine art, industrial, architecture—are confined by materials, but a blank screen is the ultimate canvas. Naturally, it takes a confident, curious mind to produce something meaningful. When it comes to branding, the task is even more intense: Create an identity that can be built upon, is instantly recognizable, and (let’s hope!) unlike anything else out there. These five interdisciplinary designers are doing exactly that.

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Elsa Jenna’s designs are playful and persuasive at the same time, and her new branding work for the downtown NYC restaurant/club Acme exemplifies her ability to distill loads of information (like a menu) and make it inviting. She’s equally good at designing for companies you haven’t heard of, such as Sea Method’s fish fertilizer.

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If you’ve been really digging the cheeky sophistication at Loeffler Randall this past year—case in point, this curiously placed fur purse—then you’ll be happy to meet the woman behind it. Her personal style is enviably systematic and refined, as is her graphic work and set design.

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Kristen Cesiro had quite a challenge. As the Art Director at Homepolish, she had to create a digital home for other people’s spaces, where photos of totally different interiors could sit side by side and still feel good together. Her consistent (and infallible) taste, coupled with her UX skills, helped Homepolish totally shake up the world of hired-help home decoration. And if you need inspiration gratis, head to her Instagram feed for a supply of style, travel destinations, and reading material.

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Casper. Warby. Nike. Brilliant Bicycles. Lola. Honor. Paperless Post. Kotoba. Carousel Cuts. Bespoke Surgical. Danny Miller’s team at this multidisciplinary studio has given clear, cohesive personalities to so many brands. Our favorite just might be Casper. Sure, this has been a time of unsexy ideas (health insurance and suitcases, for example) becoming, well, sexy and cool, and High Tide’s work for Casper leads the charge.

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Mohawk General Store and Bonobos, Jeni’s Ice Cream and Etsy look and feel the way they do because they’ve been infused with the warmth and strong symbol work of Fuzzco, a Charleston-based studio founded by Helen Rice and her husband. Lines are more blurred than ever in the design world—Fuzzco just launched a shop where its team can flex their extracurricular muscles and create products for sale.

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