Female Powerhouses 2017

As far as careers go, lines are blurring between business and brand, between customer and community, and between the distinction between boss, founder, leader. One contrast that’s sharpened—as, we think, it could be softening—is the distinction between gender. But here’s why it matters more than ever: history is a thing that gets made moment by moment, and it has a way of forcing us to conform or react to it.

In other words, what we’re doing right now, and the context we’re in, is as important to how we react. (Take Sunday evening’s Best Picture mix-up. What went down, and the way the two crews handled it with unquestioned grace, distilled the current entertainment world into one bizarre moment.)

So today, we’re looking at women who’ve forged their own paths using companies as a tool for spreading their mission. Their pillars of success are universal truths, but they’re also points of relation to the world we’re in. And we find them pretty inspiring.

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On committing to high standards:

“This year is about change and taking the steps to create what you believe in. It’s about the acceptance of nothing less than extraordinary. Making the commitment to take a better step forward, because for those who create, every step counts.”

Company: y7 Studio

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On not letting the world distract from your mission :

“Here’s to making our own worlds and not relying on others or scary leaders.”

Company: Happy Not Perfect

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On taking a stance:

“Wow how the term “feminist” has shifted over the years and went from “hush hush” and “shameful” to branded on merch and worn proudly (kinda makes me think of the period positive revolution that we are smack in the middle of :-)). I’ve been told a few times in an accusatory tone “you’re not a feminist” by the less imaginative who have claimed a single dimension of the term….I define my feminism through action. I do it by starting businesses that liberate women and liberate humans from various forms of oppression. I do it also by writing about my experiences and sharing my learnings with other women and other humans in a very open-sourced, action-oriented way (like writing @_docoolshit). There is no “right or wrong” here, they are all valid forms of “feminism”, they are just expressed in very unique ways. So may we all practice what we preach and accept all shades of all terms because otherwise, we’re doing exactly what we’re fighting against. @shethinx @iconundies @hellotushy (s/o to @ma.tisse for sending me this photo ❤️)”

Company: Thinx

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On saying no to a “one size fits all” business model:

“I know where I thrive and I think that’s an important aspect of business for female entrepreneurs to understand. Not everyone excels in chaos. And running two businesses can feel crazy sometimes. Also, your team matters,” from Above The Glass

Company: Create & Cultivate and Small Girls PR

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On taking a beat:

“A little reminder to allow those anxious feelings to dissipate. Pause for a moment, allow yourself to be present and accept what arises. Be patient with yourself and with your progress in any and all facets.” from the founder, Lisa Levine

Company: Maha Rose Center for Healing

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