Every Single Person Kim K Follows on Instagram


Say what you want about Kim Kardashian. If she’s famous for doing nothing, as the criticism’s gone, it’s an incredibly consistent, on-brand, and impeccably controlled whole lot of nothing. (The sly tweet that kicked off the “Famous” Swift frenzy is a great example of her ability to dangle SM carrots and flip the script. She’s not to be played.) How on brand, then, is it that one of the most-followed women in the world follows only 105 people herself? It might be the one thing about Kim’s life that is attainable—re-creating that list to see what the most-followed woman in the world sees when she checks her feed.

We’re sharing all 105, with the most unexpected at the top. As much as a Kim-dorsement can launch a brand (hello, LuMee), being ignored is just as telling. At the very bottom of the list? A few folks noticeably MIA from Kim’s chosen few.
Not that you need, but you can see everything she posts here.

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Yes, even Kim follows travel inspiration accounts. This massively popular one had humble beginnings, though—it was started by two teenagers who grew it to a business netting $1m in ads. How Kardashian of them.


Followers: 9m

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Take a scroll through this feed, and you’ll see where Kim may be getting ideas for poses, photo angles, and even some outfits.


Followers: 213k

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Jovan Rosario’s not the artist in residence at Kardashian House, but he might as well be. He’s something of an illustrator to the stars, and it seems like he counts Kim among his muses. He also posts feel-good images to break up the sketches.

Followers: 302k

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That Kardashian glow? This guy’s behind it. He’s the face painter for all the sisters, and he even leads classes on mastering it yourself.


Followers: 826k

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Among the 106 feeds are some legit friends, of course. Diane Mofor gets her hair braided with Khloe, takes selfies with Kourt, and balances it out with memes and motivational quotes.


Followers: 19.4k







































































































The iPhone case Kim made famous—the LuMee, with warm LED lights framing the front fro that soft-focus glow.