State Spotlight: Colorado’s Finest


Colorado is one of those states whose name alone, when spoken alone, can conjure spells. It’s a near-sensory experience, imagining electric sunsets behind a ridge skyline or the chill of mountain air, and the only problem the whole place poses is an abundance of extraordinarily worthy destinations. So, now that it’s prime season, where do you go?

Since the guide books have the regular stuff covered—restaurants and resorts and the itinerary fillers—we’re offering something a bit more…of-the-moment: a personal take on CO’s five blue-chip cities via the cultured, creative locals, and their geotags and taste. Meet 20 folks from Aspen, Vail, Telluride, and Beaver Creek, and then book that lift ticket.

Bon voyage,
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The Mountaineer

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The Photographer

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The Art Hub

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The Art Museum Director

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The Cultural Afficianado

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The Former @AspenMagazine Editor-in-Chief

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The Environmentalist

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The Ski Mom

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The Teacher

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The Fun-Haver

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The Resort

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Completely custom skis—each pair takes the Wagner team 12 painstaking hours to make. (Watch the process via Bloomberg.)