The Chicest Motivational Feeds Around


Most motivational quotes—the ones that appear on mugs and Pinterest boards—aren’t actually motivational at all. (When’s the last time a dorkily scripted “You have as many hours in the day as Beyoncé” actually got you off your ass?) The new real motivational quote is based on modern life, fluff-averse, sourced from dynamic people and beautifully illustrated with minimal design.

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“Choose a life of strength & courage” is the tagline Amy Woodside gave to her strong-woman-collective interview site in 2014, operative word being “choose.” As in, a strong and empowered life won’t just happen to you. Amy’s interviews—creative women from truly all walks, and, must be said, with pretty legit social followings—reads like a wildly modern guide to being a woman right now in the myriad roles we simultaneously play. Her Instagram is the Cliff’s Notes, where standalone truths, confessions and guidance are presented against stark graphic backgrounds.

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Levo League’s main mission is helping women find careers they love, so the Instagram—book recs, gratitude lists, the types of questions your therapist might ask you—is appreciably free of marketing-y type stuff. Just empowered vibes.

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Where The Wing drops off, The WW Club picks up in many ways (a scroll through the feed will highlight the points of intersection) but WW hangs a sharp left when it comes to who’s holding the megaphone. Founder Phoebe Lovatt passes it, often, to the creative businesswomen in her circle as they lead mentor sessions across the country and hold forth on all things Be Good At Life. It’s all preserved on the ‘gram.

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The cool-girl aesthetic print magazine captures the modernist suffragette thing right down to its of-the-moment pink and use of “boss” as a prefix. It posits things that squarely place the reader in the chair at the head of the table (a trope that hopefully ceases to exist, but for now meaningfully represents the patriarchy’s stronghold).

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Here is a list of things that the Internet has reported experiencing in Taryn Toomey’s catharsis-cardio class: crying, screaming, stomping. It’s an emotional genre-defying experience, so it’s little surprise her feed is equally dynamic: jewelry, pastel-hued fashion editorials, and some very deep poetry snaps that truly encourage reflection.

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A mixed-materials mirror encouraging quiet simplicity through its design, from Ladies & Gentlemen Studio beloved for its experimental shape-based play.