Who Should Brangelina Date Next?


We’ll let the gossip media theorize, comment, claim, and report. Instead, when it comes to the split heard (literally) around the world, we’re looking at the universality of breakups and partnership in general. What types of people could Brangelina end up with next? We have a few ideas.

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Because the gorgeous great-granddaughter of legendary editor Diana Vreeland always has deep feelings—and a really good time, no matter where she is.

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Because she’s a genetically blessed comedian, and he could probably use a good laugh right now.

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Because forget romantic partnerships—sometimes you need a health- and wellness-minded expert in your corner to help you recalibrate.

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Because the model’s the youngest of seven and clearly understands big broods—plus, she’s just incredibly charming.

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Because sometimes you’ve gotta mix things up.

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Because the environmentalist /thrill seeker says things like, “Nature has four and a half billion years of R&D. … Can you imagine what the world was like before we came and messed it all up?” (S/O to The Times).

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Because the builder/maker/woodworker may be taken, but his feed epitomizes that “less is more” approach to living. Do it well, simply, and with those you love.

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Because sometimes the best relationship you can have is with yourself.

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