Million Dollar Babies: Real Estate Wunderkinds


Before you continue, a warning: If you’re the type of person for whom even seeing a bonkers real estate listing inspires derailing levels of envy, quit while you’re ahead. Because what follows are the craziest real estate listings this country has to offer, courtesy of the young guns brokering the deals and giving real estate agents a slick, cultured name. Because the monumentally wealthy aren’t going to loosen their purse strings for just anyone.

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How much New York City park-view space does being a child star get you? You’ll have to defer to Jared Seligman at Elliman, who has sold the Olsens—among many other successful types—their homes.

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“I’m partial to shingle-style homes and the coastal Northeastern vernacular.” That’s a quote from the Lonny profile where we first discovered Howie’s prolific knowledge of Long Island and the wainscoted homes he sells at Old Purchase.

Location: Long Island, NY (aka The Hamptons)

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Some of Denver’s streets are paved with cash, and they often lead to luxurious properties managed by Dejerae Trujillo, a hustler who posts a mix of industry news and listings.

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If you happen to have $36M burning a hole in your A.P.C. New Standards, hand it over to Oren. He will get you nicely settled in an eight-bedroom sprawl in Bal Harbour, Miami. Or a carriage house in TriBeCa. Though he’s based in Florida, he’s got part of New York in his reach, too.

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Summer’s done this great thing, in which she actually uses Instagram comments for sales. No link to her portfolio, no mention of her business. A simple “rent from me,” and a bananas house in the hills. It’s working, if her lifestyle is any indicator.

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Humor to balance the pricey views: Boob Hooks made by Thing Industries in LA. (Cactuses are also available for the picking).