Views from The Cockpit: Pilots of Instagram


Of all the perks of being a pilot, unbelievable views (pun intended) may be above all the others. But the pilots’ perspectives are rarely captured, and certainly not often with the candidness of a nonprofessional. No wonder that sharp-eyed fliers have taken such a joyride on Instagram. The big debate right now: Is it legal? Is an aerial shot of the skyway just as dangerous as a driver snapping the highway? Perhaps it’s time the Federal Aviation Administration and its Euro counterpart the European Aviation Safety Agency revisit the Sterile Cockpit Rule (real thing) and add some guidelines about selfies. Here’s who any new rules would affect: five pilots with massive Insta wingspans.

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No overstuffed reclining seats or Bloody Marys in plastic tumblers here. Artur Sarkisyan’s behind the controls of a serious jet, pushing the boundaries of extreme aviation.

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Susanna Sundberg’s the type of pilot you’d clap for upon landing. And while the Swedish, blonde-hair, blue-eyes thing’s great, we’re lauding her efforts with AviatrixArt, a nonprofit organization supporting female pilots and raising money for cancer research. It launched just a few weeks ago, but having 15k followers already isn’t too shabby.

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If you’ve flown Cathay Pacific or Singapore Airlines, you could’ve been piloted around by this gentleman. He has a knack for boarding first and taking eerily, beautifully empty cabin pictures.

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The Turkish Airlines pilot Instagrams in Turkish, but her views definitely do not get lost in translation.

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Adam may love only one thing more than flying commercial planes, and that’s the weather that affects that. A deep dive on his Twitter feed suggests he and his comrades got some flak for cockpit photos, but here he is today, undeterred and taking us into the skies.

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Won’t find this at SkyMall: a book about the curiosity kids feel when looking at photos from beloved photographer Joel Meyerowitz, c/o Aperture.