The Cape Town Social City Guide


It’ll be freezing pretty much everywhere four months from now. Which is just as well, since you really need that much time to plan a trip to the stunning South African city of Cape Town. Imagine one city giving you a warm welcoming hug in the middle of winter. Now’s the time to begin plotting your escape. It’s so sprawling and packed with history that it’s almost hard to believe how relaxed and inviting the vibe is.

When it comes to hotels and restaurants—of which there are many you really have to try—a bunch of other people and websites are already on the case. But it’s the young culturally minded crowd that’s setting Cape Town on par with the Brooklyns of the world when it comes to local cool. And we found them, from the best braai bbq chef in the city (and maybe the world) to the art collective springboarding emerging artists’ careers to style bloggers whose job it is to know everything before you do. So take your cues from their geotags and their beautiful photos and read the whole list right here.

This is travel, today.

The Gramlist Editors

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He’s the: unofficial mayor of the Cape Town streets, turning his lens away from the stunning scenery and onto the people and local architecture.

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He’s the: photographer who will entice you to visit Cape Town in the first place.

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He’s the: ever-optimistic urbanist who’s improving Cape Town by rethinking parks, bike paths, and livability through FutureCapeTown.

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He’s the: hipster chef preserving the region’s braai bbq traditions, and he often throws insane cookouts. Worth planning your trip around.

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They’re the: two-person team exhibiting artists from the African diaspora and from around the world in a bright lively space known for its openings.

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She’s the: pattern-obsessed graphic designer honoring the local color and flora with her art. Tons of local hot spots use her designs, so she’s also a tour guide of sorts.

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He’s the: local spin-doctor—his business is “perception management”—with a taste for the bright and expensive.

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He’s the: interactive designer who finds beauty in every angle.

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She’s the: cool kid up against the stage—or on it, or in back of it, rather—at every local show with her camera, producing music videos and shooting bands like The Kooks, Foo Fighters, Milky Chance, and working for clients including Red Bull.

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She’s the: style blogger who feels no shame about taking selfies.

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She’s the: woman you meet grabbing Saturday morning coffee who instantly feels like an old friend—at least that’s the vibe her beloved style blog emits..

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He’s the: travel and wine enthusiast who’s probably always the first to lay down his towel at a new local pool, grab a stool at the hottest bar, rock a local designer, and write about it all.

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