Snapchat Is The New Stand-Up


Everyone’s big gripe with Snapchat is the absence of any search-friendly functions, and that premise is where so many “here’s who to follow” pieces start. You really can’t even use the platform itself to find people. Googling and searching for corresponding Instagram/Snapchat accounts has been everyone’s best bet. In another installment of “we did it for you,” we’ve gathered five deeply funny people who might make you grateful for the autoplay feature. Follow them, and in between friends’ and celebrities’ stories, you’ll get 10-second bits guaranteed to make you laugh.

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James Ryan is the frontman of these fast-paced, hilarious videos that are so sharply edited, you’ll want to watch over and over. He takes the super-normal events (like a tourist asking for directions) and, using dramatic music and fast camera cuts, transforms them into 10-second roller coasters. (Of note, another big name’s behind this, too: Fuckjerry’s Elliot Tebele is the mastermind puppeteer pulling strings everywhere in the digital comedy world.) Highly recommend starting with “returning the cable box.”

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Relatability is Sara Hopkins’s bread and butter, part of the generation modernizing what Seinfeld developed as “observational.” She takes jabs at Netflix’s “recommended for you” and lipsyncs rap songs that somehow perfectly describe daily life.

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One of the funniest people on Snapchat isn’t even real: meet #IvyInAction, comedian Laura Clery’s self-important know-it-all who dispenses deadpan truths like, “Just wanted to remind you not to give up on your dreams…[silence for 10 seconds], like, even if you want to, just don’t.” Also from the department of relatable characters: the person who loses it over everything, and Girls Who Talk Shit About Other Girls (Without Knowing The Facts).

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If you do one thing today to make yourself happier, it should be looking up Tribble Reese’s #lipsyncselfie series on Instagram. It’s like a trailer for what you’ll get on this Clemson MBA student’s Snapchat. If all the graphic tee and manbun lipsyncs aren’t your thing, perhaps his shirtless gym shots might be. Yes, he’s also a model. And yes, he’s also spoken for.

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Remember when the first original Netflix series launched and the world breathed in a collective gasp? Now, that’s completely normal, and only-on-Amazon series Transparent won a bunch of Emmys last night. All of this is to say, once-unexpected platforms quickly become legitimate sources for fresh content. Last month, Comedy Central ordered a TV show starring, created and EP’d by comedian James Davis based on the channel’s most-watched original Snap series, Swag-A-Saurus, in which Davis acts like a human Urban Dictionary. He’s incredibly likeable and legitimately hilarious.

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