Gramlist Honor Roll: Students of the Election


While most of the world’s watching this year’s election coverage in panic—no matter what your concerns are, there’s cause for all of them—one group of people is paying attention for a totally different reason. Political science and government college students need to know the state of the union they’re going to inherit when they (hopefully?) land on Capitol Hill.

They’re the future think tankers, talking heads, and thought leaders of the American government, so let’s get to know some of them now. We can palaver about them later. Say, in 10 years.

This is the second installment in our monthly Gramlist Honors Series. See the first on fashion design students here.

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Drew Schiff would be more likely to teach a campaign class than take one right now. Though his current school status is a little ambiguous, he’s great at branding himself as a Busy Man of the World, who—like Obama—seems to love dogs.

Location: UCL/Harvard

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It’s easy to envision Bruce’s face on a campaign poster, rendered in myriad ways by supportive graphic designers. That smile. The hair! The affability we’ve come to almost demand from our leaders. Is he our Justin Trudeau?

Location: Duke

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It’s a tried-and-true campaign formula: Show the candidate hard at work, preferably candid and well coiffed. Mustafa Şeker’s got that part down—in addition to showing off extracurriculars that include testing self-driving cars, frequenting the Cheers bar, and working out.

Location: UMASS Boston

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Sophie Hough’s double majoring in political science and history. A good thing, since a political figure is supposed to avoid the missteps of the past in order to help build a better future. Is the secret in this notebook?

Location: Concordia College

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Starting early on the taking-a-stance thing with posts like this is Anna Bryan, with a decidedly wholesome approach to working hard and playing hard.

Location: Northwest Nazarene University

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Not your average Oval Office lamp: Brendan Timmins’s sophisticated yet playful tabletop illuminators.