Gramlist Vibes: Mental Vacation Edition


There’s no shortage of sprawling, gorgeous coastline to visit, but some beaches are just plain better. Or more Instagrammable, at least. And because we’re stuck at work and need a mental break as the mercury drops, we used one of our favorite features: the good old-fashioned (LOL!) hashtag. We searched #beach, #52places (surfacing the NYT’s now-famous annual destinations list, #beachjunkie, and a few more. (#hashtagswork.)

So instead of scrolling by person, let’s take a dip into Instagram’s beaches by geotag. Here, five to visit when your mind is anywhere but on your meeting.

#beach #beachjunkie #52places

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This is the rosé of beaches—it’s so novel, it reached “basic” status, thanks to Regrams and everyone’s obsession with what we can only call Glossier pink.

Location: Pink Sand Beach, Bermuda

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What does it take to become TripAdvisor’s No. 1–rated beach? Clear waters; pristine, nearly bleached sands; and a location remote enough to keep it elitist. Sorry to be real.

Location: Grace Bay, Turks & Caicos

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And on the subject of beach locations so remote as to be inaccessible, we have Lopes Mendes, on an island off the coast of Rio. The sand feels like flour under your feet, according to one Instagrammer who made the hours-long trek, boat ride, and hike.

Location: Lopes Mendes, Brazil

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It’s a giant sand dune, and that’s all you must know.

Location: Dune du Pliat

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This one’s most visually flooring from the air, for its frosting-like whipped peaks of sand that melt right into turquoise water. Luckily, there are four miles in which to find your own isolated little piece of heaven.

Location: Whitehaven Beach



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