Ballet Dancers Totally On Pointe


Students aren’t the only ones finding themselves back in class—dancers, too, start afresh each fall when their companies’ seasons pick up, and they work their sculpted and muscular asses off. (One of the reasons why Kendall Jenner’s Vogue España shoot inflamed the dance community.) Here, we take a look at the supernova stage stars we’ll be watching for years to come.

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Photographer Devin Alberda’s photographs really need to be seen as a whole, not one at a time. Altogether, they paint a beautifully grit noir picture of life offstage at the New York City Ballet. He’s a dancer himself but shies away from the lens, instead turning it on his peers. Luckily, he’s onstage too and can’t avoid admiring gazes there (smiley emoji).

Company: New York City Ballet

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Watching Mai Aihara dance—which New Yorkers can do at the American Ballet Theater—is like watching a Japanese sumi-e painting slowly come to life, one stroke of black ink at a time. Her modesty and her notably few ballet posts make that even more impressive. According to her feed, she’s just a gal who loves Ladurée, dogs in tutus, and exploring art museums. Ballet slippers aren’t her only footwear obsession. Her #ootds are some of our favorites (though we’re hoping that medical cast is gone soon and she can get back en pointe).

Company: ABT

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Young ballerinas have the great fortune of looking up to Nardia Boodoo, an athletic, honest ballerina with beyond-her-years equanimity and sense of self. Her company, the Pennsylvania Ballet, experienced an unprecedented shake-up last April, and we’re glad she’s still on that stage.

Company: Pennsylvania Ballet

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Is it self-timer camera skills that allow for all of Kathryn Boren’s quiet-light, alone-in-the-studio shots? Does she know her feed’s one of the chillest, most artistic digital corners to lurk around? What was she smiling about here? We may never know, but that’s fine. Happy to cheer from the orchestra pit of the Internet for this one.

Company: ABT

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The Berlin-based ballerina is loved worldwide for her versatility, and for her insistence on having a life outside the studio. @TheBallerinaChef works to dispel the stigma of ballerinas with appetites, and gives Patricia a creative outlet in an apron, not a tutu. (Stellar Cumulus Diaries interview to read if you’re so inclined.)

Company: Staatsballett-Berlin

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