Guest Editor: M. K. Sadler

While it’s easy to get caught up in all of the hullabaloo surrounding a wedding—often tied specifically to the needs/wants of a bridezilla or diva wedding party member equivalent—when it comes down to it, traditionally the event is about allowing friends and family to share in celebrating the union of two people embarking on a beautiful journey together. The theme: selfless love.

Part of acting as a gracious host at a wedding, big or small, is budgeting well for the important things that will make the day enjoyable for everyone i.e. an open bar for the guests. For the couple? A photographer capable of capturing exquisite moments to keep as memories is essential. Enter Meghan Kay Sadler, or M.K. Sadler as she goes by on Instagram, a Los Angeles based photographer who comes with high praise.

Named one of the best wedding photographers in the U.S. by Harper’s Bazaar, Sadler captures beautiful imagery (seen in her wedding specific feed) from the intimate to the jovial, including elegant engagement shoots. With a background in studio art and graphic design, Sadler is far from limited in her scope as an artist, with work ranging from editorial, to travel to portraiture—subject and self. We at The Gramlist have been lucky enough to find out firsthand who inspires Sadler as she makes her art. Read on, you’ll find her skills behind the camera are wedded with impeccable taste.

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Says M.K.

I typically peruse Instagram with lots of intention or none of all. I love following other artists and art/design/nature accounts to find inspiration, or scrolling mindlessly while waiting for my coffee.

When I want to see weirdly wonderful florals, I look at…

A post shared by lisa cooper (@doctorcooper) on


because we all need to look at flowers sometimes. There is something otherworldly about the way she arranges and chooses florals, its painterly and unnatural in a perfect way.

Followers: 22,054

When I want cute and sometimes heart-wrenching illustrations, I look at…

A post shared by Mari Andrew (@bymariandrew) on


because sometimes you need the truth delivered in an illustration. Her work ranges from light hearted to really heavy subjects, but it is always done so well, I have so many of her illustrations saved to my phone.

Followers: 42,270

When I want to see engaging portraiture, I look at…

A post shared by Elizaveta Porodina (@elizavetaporodina) on


because she really does such interesting things with portraiture. She has this wonderful ability to shoot in a variety of ways, with different color palettes, complex or simple imagery, and varying styles and it all still feels very much like her.

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When I want to feel empowered, I look at…

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because sometimes you just need a few words to remind you how amazing it is to be human.

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When I want to see an interesting event close to my neighborhood I look at…

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because they always have something interesting going on. I can sometimes be a hermit, so when I do go out I normally need a good reason to and Zebulon always offers that.

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When I want to see some smart art/design, I look at…

A post shared by REILLY (@hey_reilly) on


His work is always so smart and interesting, love the collages and use of juxtaposition.

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When I want to be inspired by the human form, I look at…

A post shared by Alexa Coe (@alexa_coe) on


because the simple lines she uses to show emotion is excellent.

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When I want to feel proud of being a woman I look at…

A post shared by Words Of Women (@words_of_women) on


because its good to be reminded of your strength. Its a collection of quotes by women, some are empowering, some encourage us to forgive ourselves and others, some are just silly, but its always a refreshing find in my feed.

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If I want to see some great street photography, I look at…

A post shared by @jmsndrsn on


I absolutely LOVE his street photography, the colors, the compositions, the stories he tells are amazing.

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