NFL Rookies to Watch, On Insta

Football season is underway. Players charge ahead as bands of warriors fighting against defeat, while fans, along for the ride, embrace the agony and ecstasy of each game.

The beginning of the season is full of possibility, it can be anyone’s year. Win or lose though, there’s camaraderie on the field, especially among new recruits. While some players are brothers by blood, former college teammates greet each other as family.

We’ve taken a look at some of the most promising rookies on the 2017 roster and, of course, their Instagrams. Crack a cold one and check out our lineup. They’re ready for some football, are you?

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ArDarius Stewart

📍Team: NY Jets | 🏈 Position: Wide Receiver | 📊  Follower Count: 47,489

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Jeremy McNichols

📍Team: Tampa Bay Buccaneers | 🏈 Position: Running Back | 📊  Follower Count: 8,138

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Evan Engram

📍Team: NY Giants | 🏈 Position: Tight End | 📊  Follower Count: 106,073

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David Njoku

📍Team: Cleveland Browns | 🏈 Position: Tight End | 📊  Follower Count: 63,754

A post shared by D’Onta Foreman (@iamdeeforeman) on


D’Onta Foreman

📍Team: Houston Texans | 🏈 Position: Running Back | 📊  Follower Count: 39,101

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O.J. Howard

📍Team: Tampa Bay Buccaneers | 🏈 Position: Tight End| 📊  Follower Count: 83,529

A post shared by Curtis Samuel (@curtis_samuel4) on


Curtis Samuel

📍Team: Carolina Panthers | 🏈 Position: Wide Receiver | 📊  Follower Count: 104,623

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Isaiah Jones

📍Team: Buffalo Bills | 🏈 Position: Wide Receiver | 📊  Follower Count: 44,947

A post shared by Jamaal Williams (@goodeatz_jman) on


Jamaal Williams

📍Team: Greenbay Packers | 🏈 Position: Running Back | 📊  Follower Count: 29,488

A post shared by Kareem Hunt 3️⃣ (@bigreem_3) on


Kareem Hunt

*With 40 points last night against the Patriots, you wish he was on your fantasy team. Starting at 11,162 followers yesterday, all of Hunt’s stats are on the rise.

📍Team: Kansas City Chiefs | 🏈 Position: Running Back | 📊  Follower Count: 11,162

A post shared by Samaje Perine (@samaj32) on


Samaje Perine

📍Team: Washington Redskins | 🏈 Position: Running Back | 📊  Follower Count: 77,724


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