Sweet Dreams are Made of These ’80s Feeds

There are several disturbing things afoot, among them a governmental excusal so unceremonious it portends, um, actually who’s to say? And on the lighter but still troubling end of the spectrum, the gloriously inane assertion that cloud eggs are to be a thing. (Guys?) So unsettling are things that we’re finding solace in dystopia, counting down the minutes ’til this evening’s episode of The Handmaid’s Tale (#huluandpanic). Until then, we’re taking a form of solace in our distant past: the halcyon 1980s. While an imperfect decade at least we can celebrate it for it’s cutting edge music, aesthetics and for giving us John Hughes. Allow is to collectively bury our heads in the sands of Instagram and disappear for a few minutes into these totally awesome feeds.

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This feed inspired themed dance workouts in Australia. (Impatiently taps foot in Brooklyn.)

Created by: Shannon Dooley

Followers: 25.6k

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A DeLorean for your ears.

Created by: The elusive Ten. S

Followers: 31.4k

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Bono, you turn 57 today, and we’re going to listen to Joshua Tree and look at this feed to celebrate.

Created by: Two guys in Malmö, Sweden

Followers: 110k

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As advertised and “not actually curated by Lynda Carter”

Created by: Not Lynda Carter

Followers: 3,198

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Brilliantly overstuffed still lives, on the tacky side of the jubilant Memphis Milano and its papà Ettore Sottsass.

Created by: “A bunch of 10 people in Thessaloniki, Greece” led by Stelios Papadapoulos

Followers: 19.3k


A comfy pullover with a zesty message, inspired by a classic knit sweater worn by Princess Diana.